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THC-A Flower Dosalito

Our Dosalito Sativa THC-A flower  offers anti-inflammatory properties, relief from pain and discomfort, improved focus and cognitive function, enhanced overall well-being and relaxation with a pungent diesel aroma and produces an energetic, euphoric high perfect for adventures.


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Dosalito Sativa THC-A flower emits a loud, pungent diesel aroma. These light green buds deliver an invigorating cerebral buzz and long-lasting euphoric high perfect for outdoor adventures and physical activities. 

It provides a boost of motivation and mental clarity while uplifting your mood. The energetic body high inspires both mental clarity and social interaction, allowing you to engage fully in any task or conversation. Enjoy Dosalito Sativa during the day to add a spark to mundane tasks with a newfound sense of enthusiasm and curiosity. Let the bold, fuel-like aroma awaken your senses as the uplifting effects propel you through your day with vigor and zest.

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3.5 GM, 7 GM


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