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THC-A Gummies Green Apple


Our Green Apple THC gummies offer a tart candy-like flavor. Their tart, candy-like flavor delivers a blast of juicy green apple while the full-spectrum THC. It provides anti-inflammatory effects and respite from pain, anxiety, and restless nights.


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Enjoy the nostalgic flavor of tart green apples in these delicious THC gummies. They capture the crisp sour taste of green apple candy for a nostalgic treat. 

Each gummy contains a 50mg dose of THC from high-quality hash oil. The full-spectrum effects provide long-lasting relief from pain, anxiety, nausea, and trouble sleeping. Green Apple gummies deliver a tasty edible experience you can rely on. Indulge in the tangy, mouth-watering flavor as the powerful cannabinoids work their magic, gently melting away discomfort and promoting a profound sense of relaxation. Green Apple gummies deliver a reliable and deliciously familiar edible experience that combines the comforts of childhood with the therapeutic benefits of cannabis. Let the tart apple notes transport you as the THC elevates your mind and body to new heights of blissful tranquility.

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