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DELTA-9 Gummies Mango

Our Tropical mango Delta 9 gummies are made with organic hemp.  Each gummy contains 25mg of hemp-derived Delta 9 for an energizing mood lift.


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Escape to the tropics with the sweet flavor of mango in these vegan Delta 9 gummies. Formulated with 25mg of hemp-derived Delta 9 per gummy, each mouthwatering treat delivers energizing and euphoric effects without sedation. Our precise blend of Delta 9 provides maximum recreational and therapeutic benefits.

Just enjoy 1-2 gummies as needed for:

  • A positive and energetic mood boost
  • Heightened sensory experience
  • Stress relief and relaxation

Crafted with 100% organic ingredients, these tropical mango gummies make consistent Delta 9 supplementation easy and discreet. Their portable size allows you to experience the benefits of Delta 9 anytime, anywhere. Uplift your mind and body with our delicious mango Delta 9 gummies.

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250 MG, 500 MG, 1000 MG


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