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THC-O Pre Rolls Durban poison

Stay productive and focused with our energizing Durban Poison pre-rolls. These sativa-dominant joints contain 1g of upbeat Durban Poison bud known for its sweet citrus aroma and motivating mental effects.


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Maximize your productivity and creativity with the focused effects of our Durban Poison pre-rolls. These expertly-rolled joints contain 0.5g of premium sativa-dominant Durban Poison bud, renowned for its sweet citrus aroma and energizing mental clarity. 

Lighting up releases zesty lemon-lime flavors that invigorate your senses. The uplifting, cerebral effects kick your mind into focus mode, perfect for working on detailed projects or enjoying immersive hobbies. Durban Poison’s high THC content also provides a light physical buzz to keep you relaxed. 

With their compact size, these pre-rolls are ideal for carrying motivation wherever you go. Stay on task and inspired no matter what the day brings. The crisp, uplifting flavors and effects make Durban Poison the perfect pre-roll for enhancing productivity, creativity, and focus.


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