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THC-O Ice Cream Cake Disposable POD

Treat yourself to dessert anytime with our Ice Cream Cake disposable THC-O pod. This Indica-dominant vape contains 1mL of creamy THC-O oil and sweet terpenes for deep relaxation. Each puff provides soothing full-body effects to calm the mind and unwind. No charging or refilling needed


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Our Ice Cream Cake disposable THC-O pod will satisfy your sweet tooth and relax your mind. This compact pod delivers the rich flavor of nutty vanilla ice cream swirled with tangy cherry frosting. 

Each puff provides a surge of euphoria and body relaxation thanks to the premium THC-O oil and terpene blend. The Indica-dominant effects are perfect for unwinding after work or enhancing activities. The disposable format means you can start vaping the moment you open the package – no charging or refilling required. 

At just 1mL, this pod is designed for portability and discretion. Slip it into your pocket or bag and relax anywhere with delicious clouds of dessert-flavored vapor. With its highly potent THC-O content, the Ice Cream Cake pod will send you into a state of blissful tranquility.

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