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THC-O Pre Rolls Vader OG

Unwind after a stressful day with our Vader OG indica pre-rolls. These 1g joints offer soothing full-body effects and is perfect for managing pain, anxiety, and sleep issues. 


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Find deep relaxation with the sedating properties of our Vader OG pre-roll joints. Each 1g joint contains premium Vader OG Indica buds known for their heavy full-body effects and pungent citrus-diesel flavor. Lighting up releases aromas of lemon and pine to soothe the senses.

Feel tension and pain melt away as a sense of calm washes over the mind and body. The powerful indica effects provide therapeutic relief from stress, anxiety and racing thoughts. Vader OG’s high THC levels lend to its effectiveness in managing chronic pain and sleep issues. 

The convenient pre-roll format lets you quickly enjoy these tranquil effects at home or on the go. Expertly rolled with premium bud to ensure an even, slow burn. Our Vader OG joints deliver fast-acting, long-lasting relief to your mind and body. The perfect end to a long, stressful day.


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