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THC-A Pre Roll Strawberry Jam Hybrid

Our Strawberry Jam pre-rolls provide a sweet, fruity aroma and well-balanced relaxing effects.


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Strawberry Jam THC-A infused pre-rolls emit a sweet, fruity strawberry aroma. They deliver evenly balanced effects that offer mental uplift and physical relaxation. 

Strawberry Jam pre-rolls boost mood and creativity while easing bodily discomfort. These provide therapeutic calming waves that will gently ease away aches, tensions, and discomfort.  The versatile, hybrid effects of Strawberry Jam make it an ideal companion regardless of the time or setting. The versatile profile suits both daytime and evening use. Light up one of these pre-rolls anytime you desire to heighten your sensations and immerse yourself in an experience that delights both mind and body. Embrace the mouthwatering fragrance as the balanced high carries you to new heights of euphoric bliss.

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1000 MG, 2000 MG


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