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THC-A Disposable Pod Memory Loss Sativa

Our Memory Loss disposables offer a sharp diesel aroma. It provides anti-inflammatory properties and improved focus and cognitive function.

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Memory Loss THC-A disposable pods emit a loud, diesel fuel aroma. They provide instant energizing effects that enhance mental clarity and focus. 

Memory Loss delivers a surge of motivation without sedative effects later on. Its potent sativa effects create a highly cerebral experience . This enhances focus and motivation without sedative effects later on. Its sativa-dominant effects deliver an invigorating mental and physical buzz. Inhale this disposable pod when you need extreme mental invigoration and concentration. Reach for the Memory Loss disposable pod whenever you need extreme mental stimulation and laser-sharp focus to power through tasks. Let the pungent diesel notes awaken your senses as the uplifting sativa high propels you to new levels of clarity and motivation. 

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2000 MG


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