What distinguishes vaping from smoking in particular?

Smoking is when you light up herbs and they make smoke. But this smoke has bad stuff like tar and gas that can make your throat, mouth, and lungs feel bad. Plus, when you burn the herbs, a lot of the good stuff inside them gets ruined. That’s why vaping is better.

A vaporizer works by blowing hot air over the herbs to pull out the good stuff without burning them. This makes a steam that doesn’t have any tar because nothing is burning. So, there’s no ash left over. This way, the herbs just lose their color and smell. Cleaning it is easy – just empty out the herb part, and you’re finished!

Reasons to consider vaping 

Safe and clean

When you vape herbs instead of smoking them, there are either no harmful substances or a lot fewer of them, depending on what you’re talking about.

Greater yield

When you smoke herbs, you get all the good stuff from them right away. But with a vaporizer, you can make the herbs last much longer. They can last three or four times as long, so you get more use out of them. Also, there are special herbal mixtures made just for vaporizers. They’re stronger and denser than what you’d use for smoking.


When you use a burn-free method like vaping, the steam you get tastes better and doesn’t have any of the bad stuff that can bother you, unlike smoking.

Aromatherapy using vaporizers

Many of the delightful smells we associate with trees and plants come from something called essential oils. You might notice the fresh scent of pine in the woods or the lovely fragrance of lavender in your garden. These oils not only smell nice but also have real effects on how we feel and our health. For instance, lavender can help us relax and sleep better. It was even used as a cleaner in hospitals long ago in places like Persia, Greece, and Rome.

Essential oils from various plants like jasmine, cannabis, rose, and eucalyptus have been used for ages in making perfumes. But more importantly, they have positive effects on our minds and bodies.

A vaporizer is a device that extracts all the good stuff from medicinal herbs and turns it into steam. Breathing in this vapor has an immediate effect and is better for you than smoking because it’s cleaner and healthier.

Portable vs. desktop vaporizers

Desktop vaporizers are usually big and need to be plugged in, so they’re not great for taking outside or on the go. That’s where portable vaporizers come in handy. They’re smaller and easier to carry around. Even though they’re smaller, they can still give you good-quality vapor. But because they’re made of lighter materials, they might not be as sturdy. Plus, they can be a bit trickier to use and take care of compared to the bigger ones.

Vaporizers can save money

Using a vaporizer instead of smoking herbs has a lot of perks – it’s better for your health, cleaner, and the taste is nicer. Sure, buying a vaporizer might seem like a big expense at first. But if you think about it, it can save you a lot of money over time.

When you spend money, you’re just giving it away. But when you invest money, you hope to get something back, maybe even make more money. It’s the same with buying a vaporizer. It’s like making a smart investment, especially if you use it a lot with your herbs.

Vaporizers work gently with herbs

Vaporizers are designed to heat herb material just enough to release the active substances as steam without burning the plant. When you burn the material, like when you smoke, you destroy a lot of those active ingredients. But with vaping, you only need a smaller amount of material to get the same effects because it’s more efficient.

Most vaporizer users end up using 30 to 40% less herb material compared to smoking to achieve the same results. This saving depends on things like how well the vaporizer works, the temperature settings, and how you use it. But generally, you can count on saving about 30%.

So, using a vaporizer means you’re getting more bang for your buck. For every three grams of herbs you buy, you’re essentially getting an extra gram because of the savings. Even though some vaporizers can cost a bit upfront, this saving means that over time, the device pays for itself.

Investment return in vaporizers

To figure out how long it takes for a vaporizer to pay for itself, we need to consider three things: how much herb you use, how much you spend on herb, and the price of the vaporizer.

Let’s say you use about 10 grams of herb a month. With a vaporizer saving you 30%, you’d only use 7 grams. If each gram costs €10, that’s a savings of €30 per month. 

Now, let’s say the vaporizer, like the PAX 3, costs €239. With the €30 savings each month, it would take about eight months for the vaporizer to pay for itself. After that, you’re saving money every month because you’re using less herb.

So, not only does the vaporizer pay for itself relatively quickly, but it also helps you save money on herb in the long run.

Let’s take another example. Say you spend €10 each month on herb, and you use the Volcano Hybrid vaporizer, which costs €584. This vaporizer is 40% more effective than smoking.

With a 40% effectiveness boost, you’re saving €40 each month compared to smoking.

To figure out how long it takes for the vaporizer to pay for itself, divide the vaporizer cost by the monthly savings: €584 divided by €40 equals about 14.6 months.

So, it takes around fourteen and a half months for the Volcano Hybrid vaporizer to pay for itself. After that, you’re saving money every month because you’re spending less on herb compared to smoking.

Remember, these examples are based on typical situations, but your actual savings depend on how much you spend on herb and how much you consume. But they give you a good idea of how vaporizers can save you money and how to calculate your own savings based on your monthly expenses.

Vape pens

Herb vaping has always been a hit among people who want to avoid the harmful stuff in smoke. In the past, you needed big desktop devices for this, but now, there are vape pens.

A vape pen looks like a regular pen but is actually a portable vaporizer. Thanks to technology, these vaporizers are small, efficient, easy to use, and discreet. This has made vaping even more popular because you can do it almost anywhere.

One of the best things about vape pens is how quickly they heat up. Instead of waiting a long time, most vape pens are ready to go in just a few seconds.

One big advantage of vape pens is that they look like e-cigarettes, so nobody really knows what you’re vaping. Plus, the smell disappears fast, so you’re not bothering anyone nearby. That’s because you’re just inhaling the steam from the small device. So, you can vape pretty much anywhere during the day.

But even though vape pens are discreet, it’s still smart to be subtle. They won’t make you completely invisible! 

Now, about how vape pens work: They usually have three parts – a battery, a heating element, and a chamber where you put the herb or concentrate.

What can be vaped

The rise in vaping’s popularity, especially on the go, means there are lots of options for what you can vape. You can use standard dry herbs or concentrates like oil and wax. Some vaporizers only work with one of these forms, but others let you use both. They might have cartridges made just for dry herbs or concentrates, or even let you switch between them.

Dry herbs

Vaping dry herbs gives you a really nice and clean experience, way better than smoking. But how good it is depends on the quality of the herb and how it was grown. If you use good stuff and a decent vaporizer, vaping is the tastiest and cheapest way to enjoy herbs. Plus, since it’s not as intense as vaping oils and concentrates, you can do it every day without it being too much.

CBD oil

CBD oil is a powerful concentrate of cannabidiol, found in hemp. It’s stronger and more effective than using hemp directly, which is why it’s so popular.

When you use CBD oil in vape pens, it can sometimes get a bit messy because the chamber is hard to clean. That’s why many pens have disposable cartridges. You can replace them easily and cheaply, which is a great alternative to cleaning up.


Wax has been around for a while, but it’s become more popular lately. Like oils, it’s a concentrate and works really well, but it’s a bit different in texture. Wax is usually made using butane. The big difference is that wax is stretchy, so it’s easier to work with.

Vape pens give you a lot of options and flexibility. They’re discreet and portable, so you can use herbs almost anywhere and anytime you want.