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THC-P Pre Roll Super Skunk Indica

Our Super Skunk THC-P pre-roll provides deeply calming body effects that relieve stress and tension.


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Unwind with the calming prowess of Super Skunk, intensified by our THC-P infused pre-roll. Skillfully crafted with high THC-P levels and Super Skunk’s pungent, earthy terpene profile for deep relaxation. Each 2 gram pre-roll is packed with expertly grown and cured.

Super Skunk’s full-bodied indica effects work to:

  • Unwind tension
  • Relieve stress
  • And pacify any feelings of pain or discomfort. 

Its sedating qualities help extinguish anxious thoughts and fade away fatigue. So take some time to relax and enjoy the aromatic experience of a Super Skunk pre-roll when you need sweet relief at the end of the day or before settling in for a great night’s sleep. 

How To Use – Just light up and pass this perfectly rolled joint. 

The extra THC-P amplifies Super Skunk’s sedative effects, enhancing relaxation and euphoria for hours. Its dank aroma will lull your mind and body into tranquility. Their convenience and ease of use makes them the perfect way to tap into this strain’s soothing indica properties at home or on the go. 

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1000 MG, 2000 MG


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