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THC-P Flower Gelato

Our Gelato’s creamy, dessert-like flavors come together with relaxing and uplifting euphoric effects that melt stress away and leave you feeling mentally recharged.


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Savor the decadent effects of Gelato amplified by our premium THC-P flower. Skillfully cultivated with abundant THC-P levels and infused with Gelato’s creamy, dessert-like terpene profile for an intensely relaxing and euphoric high. The sweet, fruity scent creates feel-good effects perfect for unwinding.

How To Use – Simply grind the buds and roll joints, pack bowls or load into vaporizers. 

Gelato is renowned for its ability to dissolve stress while leaving you mentally uplifted. It’s perfect for unwinding in the evening or taking the edge off a stressful day. Our Gelato flower will help in  a mood boost and mental reset. Its happy vibes and well-balanced effects make every

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3.5 GM, 7 GM


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