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THC-P Flower Blue Dream

Our Blue Dream THC-P flower delivers a euphoric, creative high powered by its sweet berry aroma and abundant THC-P levels.


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Our Blue Dream flower is a perfect pick with its sweet berry scent and blissful sativa effects. Harness the legendary prowess of Blue Dream amplified with our premium THC-P flower. Expertly cultivated with a high concentration of THC-P and infused with Blue Dream’s sweet, berry terpene profile for an energetic, creative high. The fruity aroma offers a euphoric, uplifting experience that is perfect for enhancing focus and sparking creativity.

How To Use – Enjoy Blue Dream’s essence elevated by THC-P. Just grind the buds and roll them into joints, pack bowls, or load them into vaporizers.

Its well-balanced high will keep you uplifted for hours. The abundant THC-P levels enhance Blue Dream’s effects, amplifying euphoria, energy, and motivation for hours. Its sweet berry scent will have your mind racing with ideas.

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3.5 GM, 7 GM


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