HHC and similar cannabis products are fairly new, but they’ve already gotten really popular. However, there hasn’t been much serious research done yet on what kinds of effects or potential risks they might have. So it’s important to be cautious – be careful about what claims you believe, and choose any products like this wisely. 


While HHC products are super trendy right now, the compound itself is not actually new. Way back in 1944, a chemist named Roger Adams first created synthetic HHC in his lab by combining THC with hydrogen molecules. It wasn’t until 2020 that researchers realized HHC actually occurs naturally in cannabis plants too. Just in really tiny amounts that wouldn’t be practical to extract.

Why So Popular Recently?

People say the effects of HHC are similar to regular THC that gets you high, but a bit less intense and shorter-lasting. We recently compared THC and HHC if you want to read more about that. So far, experiences suggest HHC can create relaxing, euphoric feelings. 

Another reason it’s trending is that it’s the new kid on the block. Novel cannabis compounds always attract curious people who can’t wait for more research studies on them.


The “O” in the name refers to an acetate group that’s added to the regular HHC compound. This acetate makes HHC-O’s effects more powerful compared to standard HHC. It’s said that HHC-O feels most similar to regular delta-9 THC that gets you high.

Go Slow With HHC-O

One thing to know about HHC-O is that its effects come on gradually. So you might not feel much at first and think it’s not working, only to get hit with stronger effects later. Because of this, it’s important to take it easy with HHC-O at first until you know how it affects you personally. Despite taking a while to kick in, HHC-O is considered quite potent, so treat it with respect.


This HHC derivative is not well-known yet, but there are rumors it could be even stronger than regular THC. Since HHC-P has a similar molecular structure to THC, people think the effects on your mind and body could be comparable too.

Anecdotal reports suggest HHC-P may cause intense euphoria, heavy psychoactive effects, and boosts of energy. Supposedly even THC users with a high tolerance can feel HHC-P’s potency.

To put it bluntly – the “P” might as well stand for “potent” or “powerful.” But that strength doesn’t necessarily mean in a good way. Heads up – it’s not recommended to consume pure, uncut HHC-P. If it’s present in a product, you’d want just a small amount mixed in.

Legal But Controversial As of January 2023, HHC-P and similar compounds are legal in the Czech Republic and not controlled substances. However, they are controversial and the legal status could change. So it’s wise to stay updated and always operate within the bounds of the current laws.

Final Word

As researchers learn more about the compounds found in cannabis plants. A lot of buzz has emerged around HHC and its different derivative forms. From what people report, these substances can provide varying degrees of euphoria, relaxation, and an overall feeling of well-being.

HHC itself is described as having less intense and shorter-lasting effects compared to regular THC. HHC-O is said to pack more of a punch. And HHC-P? Rumors suggest it could be even stronger than delta-9 THC that gets you really high.

But everyone’s body chemistry is unique, so people may react differently to each of these compounds. Since they’re synthetic, there could also be variations between different manufacturers’ products.

One thing’s for sure – much more research is still needed to fully understand the effects of HHC, HHC-O, HHC-P. 

And evaluate what kind of risks might be involved with using them. We’re still in the early days of really knowing what we’re dealing with.

So while these new cannabis compounds are creating a buzz. It’s important to be cautious and avoid overhyping them until we have solid research behind their properties and safety profiles.