Testosterone and growth hormones

There haven’t been a lot of research studies on how marijuana affects muscle growth. But, one study in 2017 found that it might lower testosterone production. However, another study in Denmark found the opposite. When looking at studies on how marijuana affects muscle growth in people. It seems that THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, doesn’t really cause significant changes in hormones, especially testosterone.

It’s important to realize that study results might not always be very significant. And this situation with marijuana and testosterone is a good example. The effects on people varied, and part of the reason could be that their bodies got used to the marijuana over time. We’re still not sure what the long-term effects of using marijuana are on our hormone systems.

Exploring How Cannabis Consumption Influences Muscle Growth

Increase in weight

One study found that using marijuana can make people gain weight because it increases their appetite. This is a big deal because many thin people struggle with building muscle due to not eating enough. In reality, eating more calories than you burn during muscle-building workouts is the key to gaining muscle. Marijuana’s ability to boost appetite can be really helpful for this.

While some say that the big appetite from using marijuana can lead to unhealthy eating habits, it’s often said that food tastes much better after using cannabis. This makes it easier to enjoy healthy foods that fill you up. If you can resist the urge for chips or chocolate, you can use the increased appetite to eat nutritious foods like raw vegetables instead.


Actually, some celebrities, like Arnold Schwarzenegger and former NFL player Shaun Smith, have admitted to using marijuana. Smith even said he smoked before games. So, it’s possible that athletes in endurance sports could benefit from THC’s pain-relief effects. And its ability to widen the airways, helping them endure tough training. UFC fighters who use THC in small amounts might also find it helps them focus better and be more creative while also easing pain.

Using marijuana in higher doses, especially doses of 100 mg or more, during activities that demand precise skills, pose risks. Especially in events like the Monster Race or HellRunner, where teamwork and coordination are crucial.

Final Word

In conclusion, we don’t have enough information to definitively say whether marijuana helps or hinders muscle growth. However, we do know that alcohol intoxication can decrease muscle synthesis and performance. Particularly due to the typical hangover effects the next day.

If you think about it, marijuana can help boost appetite without directly harming muscle growth, making it a better option than alcohol. Plus, there are medical benefits of using CBD that shouldn’t be overlooked. Alcohol, on the other hand, has clear negative effects and can contribute to health problems.