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THC-P Pre Roll Durban Poison Sativa

Our Durban Poison THC-P pre-roll delivers an energetic, uplifting high with energizing effects to keep you focused and on-task.


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Experience the bright effects of Durban Poison intensified by our THC-P packed pre-roll. Expertly crafted with high THC-P levels and Durban Poison’s zesty citrus terpene profile for an energizing mental boost. The aromatic citrus scent inspires creativity and positivity. Each 2 gram joint contains expertly grown and cured buds, so it burns nice and slow with an even smoke.

How To Use – Simply light up this perfectly rolled joint and enjoy.

The abundant THC-P amplifies Durban Poison’s energizing effects, boosting motivation, happiness and focus for hours. Durban Poison is ideal for when you need to power through your day with intense concentration. Its mood-lifting qualities will have you chatty and upbeat for hours. The convenience factor can’t be ignored either.

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1000 MG, 2000 MG


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