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THC-P Flower Pineapple OG

Our Pineapple OG’s sweet, tropical scent gives way to deeply calming indica-leaning effects perfect for quiet nights unwinding body and mind.


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Harness the uplifting prowess of Pineapple OG intensified by our potent THC-P flower. Expertly cultivated with abundant THC-P levels and infused with Pineapple OG’s tangy, tropical terpene profile for an energizing, creative high. The aromatic pineapple scent motivates and inspires.

How To Use – Just grind the buds and roll joints, pack bowls or load into vaporizers. 

As the rich smoke envelops your mind and body in its warm embrace, feel your stress and worries float away. Pineapple OG is the perfect companion for quiet evenings unwinding at home. Its deeply calming qualities can pacify pain, curtail anxiety, and lull you into a restful sleep. The extra THC-P amplifies Pineapple OG’s uplifting sativa effects, boosting energy, focus and sensory experience for hours. 

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