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THC-O White Rhino Disposable POD

Unwind and relax with our White Rhino THC-O disposable pod. Each pod contains 1mL of soothing indica-dominant THC-O oil and earthy terpenes for full body relaxation. The woodsy aroma and the calming effects are perfect for managing stress and easing muscle tension.


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Our White Rhino disposable pod offers deeply relaxing indica effects in a potent THC-O vape. This discreet pod is filled with 1mL of calming THC-O oil and earthy terpenes, perfect for unwinding after a stressful day.

Inhale the woodsy, peppery aroma and feel a wave of relaxation wash over your mind and body. The Indica-dominant effects provide full-body muscle relief while quieting racing thoughts and worries. The disposable format means you can conveniently vape the moment you open the package without any charging or refilling.

At just 1mL, these compact pods allow you to discreetly consume THC-O anywhere for fast-acting relief. Let the heavy, sedative properties of White Rhino melt your stresses away and lull you into deep tranquility. Its natural terpenes reproduce the strain’s calming woody, piney profile. With its high THC-O content, the White Rhino pod is perfect for managing symptoms and relaxing your body before bed.

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