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THC-O Pre Rolls Blue Dream

Enjoy the sweet berry aroma of our premium Blue Dream in convenient pre-roll joints. Each 1g joint is perfectly packed with top-shelf Blue Dream bud known for its balanced hybrid effects that leave you happy and hassle-free. 


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Treat yourself to the sweet aromatic flavors of our Blue Dream in a convenient pre-rolled joint. Each 1g pre-roll contains premium bud from the iconic Blue Dream strain, beloved for its happy and mellow effects. 

Lighting up releases notes of sweet berries and pine for a smooth smoking experience. Blue Dream’s legendary genetics provide a perfect balance of euphoric sativa energy and relaxing indica body effects to leave you uplifted but free of stress or racing thoughts. 

Enjoy these expertly rolled, filler-free joints anytime you need a mood boost or just want to enhance an activity while relaxing with friends. The compact size makes Blue Dream joints ideal for on-the-go use and sharing good times. With its high THC content and enticing blueberry aroma, these Blue Dream pre-rolls deliver a reliably peaceful and cheerful experience every time.


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