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THC-O Ghost Train Haze Disposable POD

Our Ghost Train Haze disposable pod delivers invigorating sativa effects perfect for energy and focus. Each pod contains 1mL of stimulating THC-O oil with citrusy Ghost Train Haze terpenes known for their uplifting, creative properties.


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Our Ghost Train Haze is for an energizing THC-O experience. This sativa-dominant disposable pod is filled with 1mL of stimulating THC-O oil and zesty terpenes from the legendary Ghost Train Haze strain. Known for its uplifting and creativity-inducing properties, Ghost Train Haze delivers flavors of citrus, spice, and lemon. 

Each puff provides an invigorating head high perfect for relieving depression, stress, and minor aches. The compact, disposable format means you can discretely vape whenever you need extra motivation and focus. No charging or refilling is required. Just open the package and enjoy the smooth, citrusy flavor profile.

 The energizing effects will get your mind racing with ideas and creativity. Ghost Train Haze’s high THC-O content also provides soothing body effects to strike the perfect balance. With its portable size and stimulating properties, this pod is ideal for enhancing daily tasks or weekend adventures.

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