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THC-O Flower Durban Poison

Our energizing sativa Durban Poison THC-O flower boosts focus and creativity. Its spicy/herbal aroma makes it great for daytime use.


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Our Durban Poison THC-O flower provides an uplifting burst of energy with its high THC levels. It helps with energetic, focused, and uplifted mood after enjoying our perfectly cultivated Durban Poison. 

Its mood-elevating properties can help relieve stress, depression, and anxiety. Our Durban Poison has a distinct sweet and spicy herbal aroma with notes of pine and sage that come through when smoking or vaping this strain. 

The clear-headed effects make our Durban Poison THC-O an excellent choice for daytime activities or social gatherings when you want to feel energized but not overly intoxicated. This pure sativa strain can help you feel productive and inspired. Let our Durban Poison THC-O lift your mood and boost your focus.


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