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HHC Flower Guava

Our uplifting guava-scented HHC flower promotes creativity, sociability, and positive vibes with each aromatic puff.


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Our sweet, tropical Guava HHC flower delivers a sunshiny mood boost with each euphoric puff. As soon as you light up a pre-roll, the aroma of ripe guava fruit signals the happy effects to come. 

Each smooth draw provides a surge of positive energy that puts a smile on your face. Feel any tension or stress fade away as you enter an uplifted, relaxed headspace. Guava HHC flower is perfect for creative pursuits, social activities, or simply enhancing everyday enjoyment.

 Its mellow mood enhancement helps you appreciate the little things without sedation or haziness. A few puffs go a long way thanks to the potent HHC content. Keep our convenient Guava pre-rolls on hand for a quick sunny perspective boost whenever you need it.

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3.5 GM, 7 GM


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