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D8+D9+HHC+THC-P+LIVE ROSIN Gummies Mix Berry

Delight in a medley of flavors with our D8+D9+HHC+THC-P+LIVE ROSIN Gummies Mix Berry. Each gummy contains 100mg of cannabinoids, offering a fusion of strawberry, raspberry, and blueberry essence. Vegan and free of gluten, dairy, and gelatin, they ensure guilt-free enjoyment. Lab-tested for quality, these gummies promise a berry-infused euphoria.


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Get a medley of fruity flavor with our D8,D9,HHC,THC-P,LIVE ROSIN Gummies Mix Berry. We blend 5 euphoric cannabinoids with a mix of strawberry, raspberry, and blueberry flavors in each juicy, chewy gummy.

Made with only natural fruit essences and free of dairy, gluten and gelatin, they’re a tasty, guilt-free treat. With our gummies pack, each infused with 100mg of our potent cannabinoid blend, you’ll enjoy the perfect dose for good vibes anytime. 

Completely vegan and third-party lab tested, our gummies deliver exceptional recreation and relaxation. Treat your taste buds while taking your high to new heights with our delicious D8,D9,HHC,THC-P,LIVE ROSIN Gummies Mix Berry.

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