Nano CBD products are like creamy balsamic salad dressing in terms of how advanced they are. But don’t worry about the fancy words. we’ll explain nano CBD oil in simple terms so you can understand it well. You’ll also find out how to know if nano CBD products are good quality and safe to use.

Hemp Oil with Nano-Enhancement: Nano-Sized CBD Oil Droplets

Nanotechnology might sound intimidating, but it’s just a fancy term for working with really tiny stuff. Typically, these things are smaller than 0.0000001 meters, or 100 nanometers. However, in the CBD industry, “nano” isn’t always that tiny. Companies use “nano” because it sounds trendy and modern, even if the particles aren’t actually that small.

And what exactly are these “nano” things? They’re tiny droplets of CBD oil!

Just think of a drop of CBD oil like a kiddie pool filled with plastic balls. Most of the pool is made up of carrier oil molecules like coconut or olive oil, while CBD molecules are scattered throughout, mostly hidden inside the pool with only a few on the surface or edges.

When you ingest CBD, it stays in droplet or bead form in your mouth and digestive tract because they’re moist places and oil and water don’t mix well. This means that many CBD molecules remain hidden and hard to access until they’re fully digested.

However, when you digest CBD, a lot of it gets broken down. That’s why we suggest holding the CBD oil under your tongue or spreading it over your gums to help it absorb better.

Understanding Nano CBD’s Function in our Water Systems

When oil and water don’t mix, “nano” CBD companies use an old cooking trick. Just like homemade salad dressings use honey, mustard, or egg yolks to blend oil and water, nano CBD products use natural emulsifiers. These substances stabilize the mixture, just like what you find in store-bought dressings.

Imagine looking at salad dressing under a microscope. You’d see tiny oil droplets in the vinegar, but you wouldn’t notice the thin layer of emulsifiers and chemicals that keep them from separating.

Nano CBD products, like nano CBD oil and water, contain CBD oil, water, and other stabilizing ingredients. One common ingredient is lecithin or “phospholipid,” similar to the fat in egg yolks. It prevents separation in salad dressings and helps stabilize the ingredients in nano CBD products.

Advantages of CBD Enhanced with Nanotechnology

There’s a good reason to try emulsified CBD oil, also known as nano CBD. When it’s made correctly, emulsified CBD oil might help more CBD get into your bloodstream. This means you could potentially feel the effects of CBD more strongly.

How Can This Happen?

There are a couple of reasons why nano CBD products might be more effective:

  • Larger Surface Area: When CBD oil is broken down into small droplets, your body can digest and absorb the nutrients more easily. The smaller the droplets, the more surface area there is for your body’s enzymes and absorbing tissues to work on. In your digestive tract, bile salts help emulsify CBD oil and other fats in your diet. Taking pre-emulsified oil in your mouth helps your body start absorbing the CBD molecules sooner.
  • Penetration Enhancement: Often found in nano CBD products are substances referred to as “penetration accelerators.” These include the surfactant molecules such as propylene glycol, ethanol, and others that coat the minuscule droplets of CBD oil. These chemicals can help CBD molecules pass through the skin and mucous membranes more effectively.

Risks and Adverse Effects of Nanotechnology-Enhanced CBD

CBD enhanced with nanotechnology can indeed deliver more CBD into your bloodstream quickly. But, Before buying a nano CBD product, it’s important to consider a few things:

  • Added Chemicals: Nano CBD products often contain chemicals like propylene glycol, which is used to extend shelf life but can be an allergen. Every tiny drop of CBD oil is coated with these additives, and different companies use different chemicals to create these mixtures.
  • Dishonesty: Unfortunately, the term “nano CBD” is sometimes used to sell fraudulent products or spread misinformation. Finding a trustworthy company requires some research. Be cautious: many nano CBD companies use scientific-sounding language to confuse consumers. If you don’t understand what they’re saying, they might be trying to mislead you.

Navigating Nano CBD: Understanding its Mechanisms and Benefits

Is Nano CBD Oil Worth Considering?

Whether you should try nano CBD depends on why you’re interested in it. Many of the benefits promised by nano CBD products can also be found in less modified CBD products, and these are often available at a lower price. Consider your needs and budget before deciding if nano CBD is right for you. If you’re considering taking nano CBD, here are some popular reasons why people might be interested:

  • First-time CBD buyer: If you’re new to CBD and just discovered nano CBD, it might be a good idea to start with a high-quality CBD oil first. This allows you to gauge its effects and decide if you want to explore enhanced options later.
  • Ineffective CBD products: If you’ve tried CBD products before and found them ineffective, make sure you’re purchasing from a reputable company. The CBD industry isn’t heavily regulated yet, so there are many low-quality products out there. This applies to both nano CBD and natural CBD oil.
  • Desire for stronger or faster effects: If you wish your CBD oil was stronger or you want to feel its effects faster, there are natural ways to enhance absorption. Try eating a meal rich in healthy fats before taking CBD oil. You can also vigorously move the CBD oil in your mouth for a few minutes before swallowing to speed up its entry into your bloodstream. Adding a natural emulsifier like honey may also help. These methods can work for both nano and non-nano CBD oils.
  • Exploring something new:If you already enjoy CBD and want to explore something new like nano CBD, it’s a reasonable choice. However, make sure to research your options carefully and select a nano CBD company that respects your intelligence and prioritizes your safety. While we can’t endorse specific products, here are a few tips to help you navigate the abundance of new products.

Here are some tips for choosing the best nano CBD products:

  • Check for Quality Hemp Extract: Ensure the manufacturer uses organic, high-quality, full-spectrum, or broad-spectrum hemp extract. They should disclose where and how the plants were grown. Low-quality CBD may still end up in nano-products.
  • Examine the Ingredients List: If the product lacks an ingredients list, steer clear. The primary ingredients should be water, hemp extract/CBD oil, and a few stabilizing agents. Be cautious of products with many chemicals listed.
  • Beware of “Nano CBD” as an Ingredient: Listing nano CBD among the ingredients suggests the company isn’t transparent about the chemicals used to stabilize the CBD oil droplets. Don’t trust this information.
  • Check for Proper Ingredients: If the main ingredient is just oil, it’s not a true nano-emulsified CBD product. The term “nano” might be misused to sell regular CBD oil.
  • Review Websites and Certificates: Be wary of companies using big words and complex terminology to confuse consumers. Look for companies that transparently explain their manufacturing processes, provide a full list of ingredients, and offer test results to the public.
  • Consider Nano CBD Water: Nano CBD’s main advantage is increased absorption in the mouth. CBD water, which doesn’t spend much time in the mouth before swallowing, may not be worth it. Look for more concentrated products that you can hold in your mouth for a few minutes. However, if you prefer not to try nano CBD, there are still natural and affordable ways to enhance CBD oil absorption.