Enjoying CBD edibles is like treating yourself to a nostalgic delight as an adult. It’s a way to satisfy your sweet cravings while effortlessly including your daily CBD dose. Whether it’s gummies, lollipops, or hard candies, these treats are not just delicious but also provide a whimsical and enjoyable way to experience the benefits of all-natural CBD.

Just like a grown-up exploring a candy store, adults can savor the pleasure of CBD-infused edibles, combining the joy of childhood treats with today’s wellness journey. It’s a tasty and fun way to incorporate CBD into your routine, adding a touch of sweetness to your daily dose.

Why CBD?

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a powerful substance extracted from hemp, which is a less mind-altering version of marijuana. Over the past few years, CBD has gone from being a little-known wellness product to a trendsetter, appealing to a wide range of people. It has become a popular holistic wellness option, loved by young adults, seniors, professional athletes, working parents, and everyone in between.

CBD’s popularity comes from its flexibility; it comes in various forms and is completely legal at the federal level when sourced from reputable hemp sellers. Acting like a “super-ingredient” from Mother Nature, CBD has had a consistently positive impact. Its tasty and easily consumable forms, especially in edibles, have firmly established its popularity as one of the most sought-after wellness products on the market today.

How to Take CBD Edibles the Right Way

Diving into CBD edibles can be a delightful experience, but before you dive in, a bit of caution ensures you get the most out of these tempting treats. Even though they might look like your favorite candies, treating CBD edibles like snacks at the movies requires a little more thought.

To make the most of your CBD edible experience, it’s important to know how potent each serving is and use the product based on your own dosage needs. Here’s a general breakdown based on your body weight to help you get started:

  •     For individuals up to 130 lbs: 11-16 mg for subtle effects, 16 mg for a profound impact.
  •     For individuals between 130 and 230 lbs: 18-26 mg for subtle effects, 26 mg for a profound impact.
  •     For individuals over 230 lbs: 23-40 mg for subtle effects, 40 mg for a profound impact.

Remember, this is a weight-based reference and not medical advice. Numerous factors, including health conditions, supplements, activity level, and diet, influence CBD’s effects. If you’re on medication, consult your physician before incorporating something new into your routine.

Armed with this knowledge, starting your CBD edible experience is best done with caution. Take the time to thoroughly read the label of your CBD edible product, find out how much CBD is in each serving, and begin with a small amount. Pay close attention to how you feel throughout the day, gradually increasing the dosage until you achieve the desired results.

Most CBD-infused edibles come in pre-measured portions, making it easy to control your intake. For example, if you’re having a CBD gummy, biting it in half allows you to quickly adjust and fine-tune your milligram intake as you figure out your ideal dosage.

Helpful Tip: Keep a notepad and pen with your CBD bottle to record each dosage. This simple practice helps you remember the amount you took and makes it easier to track adjustments during the trial-and-error process to find the perfect amount for you.

Taking a few moments to figure out your ideal dosage enhances your overall wellness experience. It prevents unnecessary CBD intake, making the most of your investment while maximizing the desired results. This approach also helps you understand the precise amount of CBD your body needs for optimal functioning. Importantly, since CBD is non-addictive, your body won’t build a tolerance, so there’s no need to increase your ideal dosage over time.

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Delicious Choices for Everyone: Nirvana Organics’ Diverse Range of CBD Edibles

Your flavor preferences are as unique as you are, shifting from sweet cravings to the allure of something sour or the divine taste of melt-in-your-mouth chocolate. For those on the go, a minty-fresh option can be a handy pocket companion, offering a quick burst of flavor and breath freshness.

At Nirvana Organics, we understand the importance of having options, especially when it comes to shopping for CBD. Our extensive edibles inventory caters to every unique craving, acknowledging the diversity of taste buds. With over a dozen delicious edibles, our offerings include:

CBD-infused gummies such as CBD Peach Rings and vegan-friendly CBD fruit snacks.

Sour CBD-infused bites like CBD Cherry Sours and Hempy Worms.

These are just a glimpse of the many edible options at Nirvana Organics, Premier Hemp & CBD Dispensary. Explore our online store for a wide range of products. Every product is meticulously crafted, exceeding industry standards for potency, quality, purity, and transparency—ensuring a satisfying experience from start to finish.

At Nirvana Organics, our commitment to your well-being goes beyond the enticing flavors of our CBD-infused edibles. We ensure transparency and quality through detailed lab analyses conducted by independent third-party labs. These analyses serve as a testament to the accuracy of our labels and the purity of our hemp extract.

With every purchase, you’re not just indulging in delightful flavors; you’re embracing a wellness journey backed by rigorous testing and a dedication to excellence. Experience the sweetness of life with confidence when you choose Nirvana Organics premium CBD-infused edibles.


Still got questions about how to eat CBD gummies? Find the answers to common questions below!

When is the best time to take CBD?

Figuring out the best time to take CBD depends on why you’re using it. If you want to ease anxiety, take CBD when you feel stressed. If you’re trying to improve your sleep, take it about 30 minutes to an hour before bedtime. For pain or discomfort, take CBD as soon as you start feeling it. In the end, the right time to take it depends on the benefits you’re looking for.

I’ve never tried CBD before. How many CBD gummies should I eat?

Trying out CBD gummies is pretty safe because they have few side effects and don’t make you feel high. If you’re new to it, start with a small amount and only take more if you need it. Usually, people take around 10mg or 25mg of CBD per gummy. Begin with one gummy, see how your body reacts over a few hours, and if you want a stronger effect, slowly take more by having another gummy or just half of one.

Remember, CBD affects everyone differently. Listen to your body, pay attention to how you feel, and adjust the dosage to find what works best for you.

How long do CBD gummies take to start working if I have a cannabis tolerance?

If you’re used to cannabis, it might affect how fast CBD gummies work for you. But it’s worth mentioning that CBD usually doesn’t cause the same kind of tolerance that THC does.

How long does it typically take for CBD gummies to start working?

CBD gummies need some time to kick in because they have to be absorbed and processed by your body. It usually takes around 30 minutes to 2 hours for you to feel their effects. The time it takes can be influenced by things like how fast your metabolism is, your body weight, and your age. Just be patient and give it enough time. If you’re not feeling the effects you want, you can think about changing the dosage or trying other CBD products or ways of taking it.

How long does it take for CBD gummies to help with anxiety?

CBD gummies usually take between 30 minutes to 2 hours to start relieving anxiety. It varies from person to person, and how intense your anxiety is can also affect how quickly it works. To manage anxiety, it’s a good idea to plan ahead and take CBD gummies before situations that might make you anxious or incorporate them into your daily routine. This way, you can help keep unease under control.

How long do CBD gummies take to start reducing discomfort?

Feeling the effects of CBD gummies in managing discomfort usually takes between 30 minutes to 2 hours. For lasting relief, it’s a good idea to include them regularly in your routine. Begin with a small amount and make adjustments slowly. If you find it challenging to achieve the relief you’re looking for, it’s a good idea to consult a healthcare professional for personalized advice.

How many CBD gummies can you eat in one day?

The ideal number of hemp gummies to consume varies based on the dosage instructions provided on the product and your individual requirements. Check the product packaging for the recommended serving size. Typically, up to four gummies in a day are considered sufficient in many cases.

How long does a CBD gummy last?

CBD gummies usually provide effects that last for about 4 to 6 hours, but keep in mind that individual experiences can differ. The duration can be influenced by factors such as dosage and metabolism. Pay attention to how your body responds and feel free to adjust the dosage and timing based on your needs.